8 Signs Your Job Is Taking a Toll on You

Remember how excited you were about work when first starting out? It’s not uncommon for the excitement to wear off after some time. Maybe things have become a little mundane or uninspiring. Maybe you feel like you’re not growing anymore, because there isn’t anything new to learn. Or maybe you are facing some challenges at your workplace that make it difficult to keep up your motivation and enthusiasm?  

No matter the reason, don’t get caught up in all the motions of the workplace. Watch out for these eight signs that your job might be taking a toll on you and remember that being mentally, physically, and spiritually healthy is important for your job satisfaction and happiness at work.

#1. You Feel Sick to Your Stomach When It’s Time to Wake Up

It happens to the best of us; sometimes you just can’t muster the energy to wake up and head to work. But, if you’re too tired or sick to your stomach nearly every time you want to get out of bed for work, it is a different story. If you don’t do something, it can hurt your job satisfaction and overall happiness at work and even spill over into your personal life.

#2. You Are Bored Nearly All the Time at Work

It is natural for your job to get dull once in a while, but not every time. If boredom has become a norm in your work life, it’s time to rethink your job. Otherwise, you’ll start facing numerous workplace challenges.

#3. You Constantly Feel Worn Out

There’s nothing that can take a toll on your mental health quite like job burnout. It can happen to the best of us, but your health and overall well-being can take a beating from constant burnout at work. Exhaustion might be a sign of stress, which is one of the leading workplace challenges.

#4. You Get The Feeling That You Cannot Ever Win

Everyone should feel like a winner at work, at least once in a while. Sure, you might be facing several workplace challenges; however, it should be exhilarating. But, if you feel that you are constantly fighting a losing battle, you may want to review your career path or seek advice on how to revive your current job.

#5. You Hate Everyone At Work

It’s one thing to hate your job or not get along with someone in the office. When you start hating everyone at work, the company culture might be toxic, or the job has taken a toll on you. Either way, all the rage, and hatred can impact on your job satisfaction and productivity. It’s important to recognise this and come up with a plan to conquer these challenges.

#6. You Can’t Stand Your Boss

Ideally, your boss should be an inspiration to you. But, if you dislike everything about him or her, it is high time you reassess your career priorities. Sometimes, however, getting the right advice from someone outside the company can help turn things around. Employment First Aid is a free service where we can help you work on your mindset and communication skills to overcome these challenges at your workplace. Let’s have a chat!

#7. Your Relation/Family Is Falling Apart

Sometimes, workplace challenges can bleed into your relationships or friendships. Perhaps you have been putting more work hours in at your job at the expense of spending time with your family or partner. Getting the balance right can be tricky and sometimes requires some communication or negotiation skills. We can help you with his and even talk to your employer directly.

#8. Your Work Dedication is turning into Depression

Too much stress from work can have a negative impact on your mental health. Don’t let depression rob you of your happiness at work; get help as soon as possible.

Are you currently facing challenges at work? At Employment First Aid, we’ve made it our mission to help young people like you stay in work by giving them the necessary skills and tools to do their best work, communicate effectively and increase happiness at work.

We’d love to hear from you! Chat with us on Messenger, send us an email or give us a call anytime, on 1800 118 008.

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  1. Pat
    Pat says:

    I really struggle at work atm and can totally relate to most of the above.. it’s mainly because of people at work I don’t get along with. My job is actually good. But even though I try to avoid them I find it difficult. Do you have any tips how to make that feeling go away??


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