9 Reasons Why Keeping Your Job Is Better Than Looking For A New One

We have all been at a point where our resolution list begins with “Get a new job”. There are factors that may contribute to this decision which may include lack of job satisfaction, workplace challenges, lack of happiness at work or a need to move forward with your career goals. However, finding a new job is not a guarantee that all your job dreams will come true. Unfortunately, this decision can often turn out to be the opposite of what you expected. Here is why you should try to keep your current job rather than look for a new one.

9 Reasons why staying In your job might be better than looking for a new one


1.) Finding a new job is not as simple as it appears

There are many people looking to ditch their current jobs. Competition is always stiff. Unfortunately, it is very likely that your competitor in your perfect job is someone with similar skills and experiences as you. Don’t underestimate the time and effort it takes to find a new suitable job, apply for it and actually be the one who gets it.

2.) It would mean starting over

The packages that come with the new job may be enticing. The downside of this is that you will have to start over because many companies have benefits that do not kick in for a period of time. If you have been in a certain role for a period of time, you might be able to receive additional benefits or incentives from your current employer.

3.) Job switching can be stressful

A new job may require you to change locations, working hours, adjusting to a different kind of work and taking on more responsibilities. Studies show that this can be very detrimental to your health if you are not one who adept in no-time. Most importantly, one particular study showed that an employment change is a significant life stressor. Disrupting your work routine will not only affect your personal life but your social life as well.

4.) You will be the newbie

Being the newbie is not always comfortable. You will be the one that needs training and supervision to avoid making mistakes. You might think that you are valuable to the company, but the first 3 months determine whether you are a liability or an asset. Mastering a new job takes time and you may not have as much as you would like.

5.) Relationships take time

Building new relationships with your new boss, colleagues and customers takes time because you are new to the environment. Moreover, building trust can take even longer.

6.) Growth often involves stepping outside your comfort zone

Lack of growth opportunities in an organisation causes stagnation. Stagnation creates an environment of mental absenteeism at the workplace. However, growth does not mean leaving for greener pastures because the grass is always greener elsewhere. You will never grow by following this mentality. Growth comes when you are stretched beyond your comfort zone. Don’t make the mistake to think that a new job is going to fix all your workplace issues and challenges. In fact, it will only create more. The key is to work on yourself first. At Employment First Aid, we do exactly that; help you get better at facing any challenges that arise in your workplace.

7.) Building your network and references

It is easier to get a new job from your current job because you are always interacting with different people who can help you professionally. If you have been in your current job for a while, chances are you already know a whole bunch of people that can help you get to where you want to be in the future.

8.) You have a sense of purpose in your current job

When your work is fulfilling, it gives you structure and peace of mind. It keeps you sharp in a manner that your emotions and mental state are positively influenced and balanced. If, however, you are unfulfilled in your current job or face challenges you don’t quite know how to deal with, have a chat with our friendly team. We team of trained professionals can help you overcome any obstacles that may arise in your current job.

9.) The problem might be you

You may have valid reasons to quit your job. But if it is a pattern then there is an underlying problem with you besides a bad boss or bad working conditions.

Every job has its own set of workplace challenges but that should not be reason enough to quit.

Are you currently facing challenges at work? Employment First Aid is a free service with the goal to help young people like you stay in work by giving them the necessary skills and tools that empower them to do their best work, communicate better and increase job satisfaction. We are here to listen and help you get more out of your job, and your life.

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