Asking For Feedback

Asking your boss for feedback can improve your career progression

Good feedback can mean the difference between an average career and one that’s amazing and long lasting!

And even though it’s always on my mind, it’s left me feeling anxious and nervous about speaking to the manager on what I can improve on and where I can step up in my employment.  I was afraid of constructive criticism, negative reviews and hurt feelings, but asking the question could really support my career in the right direction.

There are many ways of asking for feedback, setting a time after your shift to sit somewhere private, emailing your employer on different items to discuss or making the time to speak over the phone.  Sometimes employers can assume things about you with your work goals or life goals, but it’s great to take the time out to express your wish for promotion or thoughts on how the team can work quicker and still get the job done on time.

When it comes to asking for feedback about your employment, it doesn’t matter who starts the conversation. What matters is that the lines of communication are open between yourself and your employer or manager. It’s a positive feeling to receive feedback so you continue to grow in your chosen career.  If you hear something surprising or even unpleasant, it’s best to remain calm and quiet when your manager is talking to you, never interrupt to give your side of the conversation. Never blame other co-workers for something that happened, if you did make a mistake own it and apologize to your manager and your team and move on from that moment on.

Just know that good, bad, or in between, it’s best to listen, take time to process, and then respond in a professional and thoughtful manner.

Keys Points

  1. Approach your manager at an appropriate time and place
  2. Have an agenda, and jot down notes on the feedback
  3. Use the feedback in daily tasks.
  4. Have yearly meetings with managers regarding progression.
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