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Full-Time/Part-Time Versus Casual Employment In The Work Place

Labels and titles can sometimes be a tricky thing to understand, but it’s undeniably important to know what they mean to avoid making regrettable choices (think washing instructions on clothes or someone with dietary requirements misunderstanding food packaging labels). When it comes to types of employment, it’s vital to know the difference in terms and […]

 Why is it Important to set Goals

Increases Self-Confidence When you set goals and achieve them, it provides a major boost to your self-confidence. This increase in self-confidence will improve all areas of your life, from your relationships with people to your success in business to your overall attitude. Pushes Your Comfort Zone Along with boosting your self-confidence, setting goals also provides […]

Social Media & Your Work

If you use social media and have a job, what you post, share or even like online can have an adverse effect on your employment.  Several issues can lead to disciplinary action — AND no matter how you have set your privacy settings.  So to help keep you out trouble and stay in the good […]

Asking For Feedback

Asking your boss for feedback can improve your career progression Good feedback can mean the difference between an average career and one that’s amazing and long lasting! And even though it’s always on my mind, it’s left me feeling anxious and nervous about speaking to the manager on what I can improve on and where […]

Resilience in Youth

What is resilience? It’s the ability to cope with unexpected changes and challenges in your life. In life unfortunately, it’s sometimes not possible to avoid stressful or adverse situations but with some great techniques and strategies you can strengthen your capacity to deal with challenges and develop resilience. In the workplace especially, resilience can be […]