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Being a Boss vs Being a Leader

Communicating with youth in the workplace appears to be one of the biggest challenges faced by an employer: a huge key factor being whether to act as a leader or a boss type of figure. There are certain traits that apply to a boss that can hinder communication, prove crucial to the relationship, and establish […]

Homelessness in Australia

Homelessness is about more than not having a home; a home means a sense of security, stability, privacy, safety, and the ability to control living space (Mallet, 2004).  Despite steady economic growth in Australia, homelessness increased by 14% between the 2011 and 2016 censuses. There are now said to be 116,427 people without a permanent […]

Working Respectfully

There can be times in the workplace when we find ourselves forgetting our etiquette or manners. It can happen within ourselves, with colleagues or with customers. Each generation has been taught to be respectful regarding others and has ideally learnt what level of respect to expect from to others.  There are times, however, when the […]

Honesty Is Always The Best Policy

Honesty is a fundamental in every business and in working relationships of staff, management and customers. Honesty creates trust and confidence within a business: if customers trust you, they will return, spending more money and buying more regularly. As this reflects on your character, your employer will come to trust and respect you more and […]

Full-Time/Part-Time Versus Casual Employment In The Work Place

Labels and titles can sometimes be a tricky thing to understand, but it’s undeniably important to know what they mean to avoid making regrettable choices (think washing instructions on clothes or someone with dietary requirements misunderstanding food packaging labels). When it comes to types of employment, it’s vital to know the difference in terms and […]