Does Your Job Make You Miserable? 7 Things You Can Do Now To Actually Love Your Job

Have you ever found yourself miserable at your workplace? You have no job satisfaction or happiness at work? Don’t fret. You are not the first employee to feel that way. However, do not take comfort in the fact that you are not the only miserable employee. It is possible to rekindle the love for your job. Employment First Aid exists to help young people stay in work and find new joy in their job.

Here are seven things that you can do to actually love your job and get excited about work again:


1.) Set goals together with your supervisor or team

Sometimes, you may not actually love your job because you don’t feel like you have something to strive for. Remedy the situation by setting realistic goals with the help of a co-worker or your supervisor because they understand the job more than you do. In this way, you will be more motivated and have a structure which you can focus on every day.

2.) List the aspects that need to be improved

It is impossible to solve a problem if you have not defined what exactly the problem is. Take time to evaluate what aspects of your current job you would like to improve. Write down everything you don’t love and be as specific as possible. This will help clarify your next steps such as talking to your supervisor to offer some sort of assistance if they can. If you would rather speak to someone outside of work, we are always here to have a chat, offer free job advice and point you in the right direction. No challenge is ever to big. The worst thing you can do is keep it all to yourself. So, get in touch and chat with us.

3.) Figure out what you really love to do

Discover what aspects of your job you really love doing, big or small. Think about what your dream job would look like and write down the description. Look for overlaps between your job description and the list of things you currently love in your job. You could talk to your supervisor to include these tasks in your daily routine or maybe even transfer to another department that is more relevant to the tasks you enjoy doing.

4.) Ask for support

Consult a co-worker or manager when you feel too swamped up with work or when you are struggling with an aspect of your work. You may be surprised of just how much asking for support can go a long way in alleviating the pressures you may feel at work. It is unnecessary to be afraid of asking for help. Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love to help a mate out? If you struggle with talking to someone in your job, you can always have a chat to our friendly team of job consultants.

5.) Expand your network

Workplace challenges are more common than you might think and exist in any industry. Building a network can create a support system to help you when times are tough. Attend meet-ups, events or conferences and get to meet more people in your industry who may be of great help in the future.

6.) Use your benefits

Some jobs offer benefits that you might not be making use of but that could help increase your job satisfaction. Maybe a free or discounted gym membership, perks for local businesses or regular company events. Find out all the benefits your job has to offer and make good use of them.

7.) Stay present

Spending time on Facebook all day draws out your happiness at work. It is impossible to stay focused and love your job when you are distracted and your mind wanders. Choose to stay present while working and focus on the task at hand. You’ll find that you will drastically increase your productivity, and as a result, your happiness and self-confidence.

Loving your job increases your chances of job satisfaction and happiness at work. Utilise these tips to help regain your workplace mojo.

Are you currently facing challenges at work? Employment First Aid is a FREE service to help young people like you stay in work by giving you the necessary skills and tools you need to do your best work, communicate better and be happier at work.

If you need help or advice on how to overcome specific challenges, we’d love to hear from you! Chat with us on Facebook Messenger, send us an email or simply give us a call anytime on 1800 118 008.

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