Time and time again, Employment First Aid (EFA) Mentors witness firsthand the unrealistic school leavers in their first year out of school, assuming they will obtain employment through a trade. Unfortunately, it is not only school leavers who are seeking this way into the industry. There are many unemployed people who have more than likely applied for vacant positions in the region.


Every year, around 10, 000 youth finish their secondary education across Australia. This number, combined with the large number of the unemployed, leads to an excessive number of individuals seeking the same jobs, apprenticeships and trades.


Fortunately, the Australian Government has incentives to financially aid employers in order to assist people with securing apprenticeships, traineeships or internships. For the jobseeker, navigating through these options can be gruelling, so it is important to consider where to hunt. Commonly, the direct region gets exhausted quickly, while large development areas can sometimes have more opportunities though will almost always promote moving. It can pay to do a bit of research when it comes to looking for highly sought-after jobs.


Large cities or coastal booming towns typically have an excessive number of job vacancies, though there are things one should think about before making the geographical (and metaphorical) leap. It will be beneficial to factor in the cost of moving and the impact of how much you will receive – can you afford it? In any case, it pays to do the research and find the job and location that works best for you. Remember that nothing is permanent, and change can be beneficial.