Resilience in Youth

What is resilience? It’s the ability to cope with unexpected changes and challenges in your life.

In life unfortunately, it’s sometimes not possible to avoid stressful or adverse situations but with some great techniques and strategies you can strengthen your capacity to deal with challenges and develop resilience.

In the workplace especially, resilience can be hindering on an employee if they don’t know how to handle or deal with situations that may arise. Listed are some great coping strategies that may help if added to your daily schedule:

  • Exercise
  • Meditation or relaxation
  • Setting goals
  • Breaking challenges down into smaller parts
  • Keeping a dream diary
  • Take a break or time out
  • Seeing the big picture

Having great coping strategies are essential in building resilience but strengthening your resilience in the workplace enables you to better cope with challenging situations. Mental well-being is very important in the workplace and if your resilience is low this can be hugely affected.

Here are some great things that can help build and strengthen your resilience:

  • Know your strengths and use them well
  • Build your self esteem
  • Think positively
  • Build healthy work relationships
  • Ask for help when needed
  • Be in tune with stress management
  • Be aware of anxiety/depression
  • Work on problem solving skills
  • Utilise your coping strategies


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