There’s no such thing as being too organised in the workforce!

Failing to plan is planning to fail: A quote once said by Benjamin Franklin that is still more than relevant today.

There are numerous reasons why being organised is important in the workplace. During an interview, planning will not only impress the interviewer, but it also assists with those first interview nerves. When you’ve planned an answer or strategy for the questions, you won’t feel put on the spot or thrown into the deep end and will feel more relaxed and in control of the interview. It is also important to research the company and job title you are applying for. The interviewer may ask you specific questions about the industry, company or role, during which it’s better to have a basic understanding of what those are so you aren’t caught off guard. You are more likely to get hired if you have prepared for the interview and know what your employer is talking about.

Now not only are you prepared knowledge wise for your interview, but you should feel more confident too. Confidence in responding to questions and while talking to people make you more memorable than previous applicants. The combination of your planning and confidence will assist you in building a rapport with the employer, being familiar with the operations and showing an interest in the opportunity: all promising things a potential employee should have! Don’t forget to consider transport when applying for jobs and always plan ahead. It is better to schedule interviews or work days for when you have a means of getting there, to avoid cancelling and potentially ruining any plans your employer might have staff-wise. Think ahead and have more than one means of transport in case one falls through – you want to be a reliable, punctual employee and get off to a good start.

Remember: there’s no such thing as being too organised in the workforce!

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